Thursday, 5 December 2013


Take a moment of silence..

I was about to post my blog post for the week and I heard the news of the death of Africa's greatest icon. .
He understood all the hurtful things than were done unto us, the black people... To him it was not a history lesson or a video watched on youtube... it was his life.. but he understood that hatred does not help us, hatred can only consume us and make ones self a slave in mind, a zombie with guns, knives, killing and causes self destruction.. Hatred does not build a nation.. He started with the man in the mirror, he became the change he wanted to see..and he build a legacy... 

His names is written in the books of history as one of the greatest inspirational man of all time. His strength and courage touched nations...
 Tears shall dry but his name shall forever be engraved in our hearts. He was a man of great honour. 
May he rest in peace.

Brenda Fassie- My President

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"It is in your hands to make a difference!!!" 
-Nelson Mandela

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